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How to Elope on the Amalfi Coast

Updated: Feb 27

The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Dream Adventure Elopement in Italy on the Amalfi Coast

If you're reading this, odds are you have recently gotten engaged and are now considering where to tie the knot. First off, congratulations! Second, I'm glad you're here - you've come to the right place. I know how stressful wedding and elopement planning can be, so I hope this guide aids you in relieving some of those anxieties and answers some (or all!) of the questions you may have when it comes to what it'd be like to elope on the Amalfi Coast.

The Amalfi Coast is a gorgeous location and you have so many cities to choose from - Positano, Sorrento, Ravello, Amalfi, and the island of Capri. In this guide, you'll find everything you need to know about how to elope on the Amalfi Coast, in this guide you’ll get a breakdown of the islands, best ceremony spots, photo locations, and more!

Keep reading to learn about how to plan an Italian elopement on the Amalfi Coast!

*this doc is a work in progress! Check back later too for more updates.

Positano on 35mm film

First Thing's First: WHEN?

Like all coastal destinations, the Amalfi Coast has similar weather patterns with hotter summers and cooler, wetter winters. Of course, as one of Italy's most popular summertime destinations, you can expect a surge of tourism in July and August, as well as a surge in high temperatures with highs in the 90s. For the ideal weather and a less crowded coastal experience, I would definitely recommend visiting in the spring or fall. April, Early May, and October are what I think are the perfect months to visit. However, deciding when to elope will ultimately depend on your personal preferences.


Spring is a great time to visit as you get crisp, sunny days that aren’t too warm because of the coastal breeze. In early spring you’ll have highs in the 50’s-60’s and lows in the 40’s, but by May it’ll be highs in the 70’s, lows in the 50’s. The water is still a bit too cold for a swim (around 60 degrees in March and reaching 70’s by May). The flowers are just beginning to bloom around this time and Spring is right before peak summer tourist season so it will be a bit less crowded in general, which makes it a great time for elopement planning.


Summer is a beautiful time to visit the Amalfi Coast especially if you want to go swimming during long and warm sun-filled days. The temps are in the 80’s especially by the end of summer. Sea temperatures are still chilly in June (around 75 degrees) but warm up significantly by July and August into the 80’s. However since this is such a gorgeous time to go it will be incredibly crowded, especially by July and August.


This is a unique time to visit, and September might be the perfect month for an elopement if you still want the warm weather, swimmable seas, lower prices, and less crowds. Early September still has a summer feel to it but temperatures drop into the 70’s by mid-September. October is chilly with warm days on occasion, and November is just cold as it is this region’s rainiest month.

I would not recommend planning your event in wintertime, as that is the wettest & coldest time of year - plus, a lot of the businesses & experiences will be closed! I'd say the months of April, June, & October are my personal favorite times to visit the Amalfi Coast. April & May are technically off season so you can avoid the summertime crowds, plus you still get more warm days. October is another great option for elopements, as it's less hot and crowded as the months preceding while the rain is still more sparse.

Learn more about the climate on the Amalfi Coast and how to adequately prepare for the coastal elements HERE & HERE.

The Nitty Gritty: Marriage Licenses, Wedding Permits, etc.

Whenever you get married abroad I always tell clients to consider getting legally married in the US and just doing the religious ceremony abroad so you don’t have to worry about all the paperwork!

But to get legally married in Italy and have it recognized worldwide, you’ll need to make sure you have all of the below:

  • Declaration of Intent to Marry - Many of these documents can be obtained ahead of time and it’s good to do in advance

  • Valid U.S. Passport

  • Birth Certificates

  • All of these need to be authenticated through the Secretary of State’s Notary Public and translated into Italian with the translations cleared by the Italian Consulate.

  • Atto Notorio (Declaration of Freedom to Marry) - no obstacle to your marriage according to U.S. law, must be made in front of an Italian consulate and have witnesses present

  • Dichiarazione Giurata (Affidavit of Freedom to Marry) - declares that you are free to marry under U.S. law and must be obtained by an American consular officer in Italy

  • You must have two witnesses over 18

  • Civil Banns posted on the Town Hall

  • Officiant has to be a Catholic priest, mayor, or deputy of the mayor

  • You must have a translator if any of the people the (bride, groom, or witnesses) don’t speak Italian

As you can see above, Italy requires a LOT to be able to legally get married there as a US citizen. This is why a lot of couples will instead opt for a civil wedding in the states then have a symbolic vow ceremony abroad - things to consider!!

Eloise & Patrick in Positano on digital

Getting To & Around the Amalfi Coast

The major airports to fly into from the US are Rome and Milan (however from my experience Rome is known to lose a few bags!). From either of these cities you can take a train down to Naples. Naples also has an airport but they don’t have as many options for international flights. I’ve also found that the Naples airport might not be as safe, especially at night.

From Naples you can take a train or ferry to Sorrento, the hub of trains for all of the Amalfi coast. Sorrento is also the best town from an accessibility standpoint - they have the most trains, taxis, and modern fixtures like elevators.

From Sorrento you can get anywhere! You can take the ferry, the bus, or a taxi in between towns. In my experience, I really recommend taking a ferry to all of the Amalfi coast towns. I think it’s less costly and the view is absolutely gorgeous! You can take the bus which is the cheapest option but the schedule is unreliable and going around the tiny roads through the Amalfi hills can be dangerous. For this reason I also don’t recommend taking a taxi (expensive!) or renting a car and driving yourself around. Even the locals are wary of the cliff roads because of how steep and winding they are - one of my taxi drivers told me that people fall off the cliff everyday. I know you want a vespa around the Amalfi coast moment - but maybe stick to vespa in the streets - not the hill tops!

You can also charter your own boat to different towns as a fun but more expensive option - you can pilot your own boat or hire someone to drive it.

Where to Stay for Your Amalfi Coast Elopement


Sorrento is a gorgeous place to stay and it’s the most accessible. It’s a bit easier to walk around, there are more taxis available, and it’s easier to find options for both dining and nightlife.

My top places:


If you love the view of the colorful hillside buildings and don’t mind a solid uphill climb then Positano might be your jam! It's hard to find cheaper places closer to the bottom of the hill so you might want to consider looking into something further up the mountain, although something to remember is that it’s harder to catch a cab from the top of the mountain. Cell service is also not as reliable the further away you are from the hub of the city. Most of the nightlife is at the bottom so you’ll be spending some time hiking up and down the hill as there aren’t as many taxis available.

My top places:

  • Il San Pietro di Positano

  • One of the most luxurious spots near Positano offering its own private beach and Michelin-starred restaurant, spa, pool, elegant rooms w/ sea views

  • Villa Treville

  • Stunning cliffside resort with gorgeous views and terraces

  • Hotel Maricanto

  • Colorful hotel with beautiful view of the Positano cliffside

  • Palazzo Murat

  • Wonderful boutique hotel with rustic vibes

  • Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa (Conca dei Marini, between Amalfi and Positano)

  • Perched off a cliff stunning sea views and spa

  • Villa Nettuno

  • Less expensive hotel with great views of the water


Amalfi definitely has a historic feel to it. There’s a lot to do, especially shopping with plentiful stores and boutiques, and there are a lot of taxis available here.

My top places:


The tiny town of Ravello is charming and romantic and can be a lovely place to stay.

My top places:

  • Caruso, A Belmond Hotel

  • The nicest pool and best view of Ravello

  • Hotel Villa Cimbrone

  • Magical hotel with wonderful art and architecture with long terraces overlooking the water and coastline

  • Palazzo Avino

  • Beautiful pink hotel on the cliffs of Ravello overlooking the water

  • Villa Eva

  • Gorgeous smaller hotel with a stunning terrace overlooking the coastline


Capri is a fun place to stay if you just want to be on this little island. There are fun things to do and they have a famously designed taxi system. From here, you can also take a day excursion to the famous blue grotto.

My top place:

  • Capri Palace

  • Gorgeous hotel on the capri cliffs overlooking the water

Sorrento on 35mm film

The BEST Places to Elope on the Amalfi Coast

Any of the hotels I included in my “where to stay” spots above would be gorgeous for your elopement, you really can’t go wrong! But here are some of my favorite:

Hotel Maricanto - Positano

This spot has a stunning terrace for an elopement moment with the beautiful backdrop of the Positano city behind

Fiore Di Furore - Positano

A famous stone bridge over an epic beach in Positano, absolutely stunning!

Grand Hotel Hotel Convento di Amalfi - Amalfi

This luxury hotel in the Amalfi cliffs has an incredible view of the bay below and it offers a lot of options for your elopement needs. It has a small church if you want a more religious ceremony, a gorgeous roofless cloister for stunning elopements, and several terrace options as well!

Augustus Gardens - Capri

You can’t stay at these gardens but they offer a stunning elopement moment.

Tivoli !!

“We had a small wedding 56 total, best thing we ever did. It was so intimate and fun.

I would recommend Tivoli Hotel, we celebrated our honeymoon there. Gorgeous location and hotel, will also be more affordable then Italy. They have the perfect grounds for an intimate wedding and great for photos. Also a private restaurant for your dinner reception. Everyone speaks English and were very friendly.”

Hotel Parsifal

Did some research tonight and LOTS of ppl saying awesome elopement venues in Ravello… will add if i find which ones they talk about :)

  • Villa Eva

  • Hotel Villa Cimbrone

Things to Do on the Amalfi Coast Before, During, or After Your Elopement

There’s so much you can do both on and around the Amalfi Coast. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Positano or Sorrento Beach Day

  • These cities have great beach clubs where you can rent a chair and go swimming. I recommend these cities for a beach day as the sand is less rocky/less hurtful on the feet!

  • Snorkeling

  • Charter a boat

  • Find a place to eat!

  • Go Shopping!

  • Bagni di Regina Giovanna

  • Secluded ruins about a 15 cab ride from the Sorrento city center, you can jump off a cliff and swim in the Ionian sea or climb down some stairs and swim in a pool which is calmer than the actual sea. This was recommended to me by a local!

  • Day Trips to other cities

  • From whichever city you’re staying, you can visit Positano, Sorrento, Ravello, Amalfi, and the island of Capri!

  • Take a ferry from Sorrento coast to the Island of Capri where you can do the below:

  • Visit the Blue Grotto which has the bluest water you’ll ever see! On you can look at the packages. (I recommend flip flops or water shoes as the island of Capri has rocky sand!)

  • Take a secret chair lift for amazing views!

  • Visit historic sites in Ravello

  • Pompeii - 30 min train ride

  • Visit Italy’s Southern Mountains - Monti Lattari

  • Take trains to visit other top romantic cities and spots: Verona, Lake District of Italy (Lake Como), Rome, Florence, Venice

Amalfi Coast Elopement Itinerary Ideas

A Spring Elopement on the Amalfi Coast

Day 1: Wake up early to grab a ferry to the Island of Capri where you can take the lesser known chair lift to see amazing views of the island. Enjoy lunch on the marina while sipping on frozen limoncello straight out of a huge lemon. Stop into the nearby shops for some lemon-printed souvenirs & stunning watercolor artwork. Take a ferry back to the town your hotel is located and have a tasty dinner - pasta, of course!

Day 2: Have an early getting ready photoshoot to capture the magic before your elopement. Have breakfast together then head to your elopement spot on the hotel terrace overlooking the Amalfi Coast background. Exchange your vows and take beautiful sunset pictures celebrating your love.

Day 3: Sleep in and take a ferry to Amalfi to visit all the wonderful shops. Take a tour of the gorgeously architected Duomo di Amalfi (you may even witness someone else's wedding!). Take another ferry to Positano for a sunset view from the famous Fiore Di Furore bridge. Eat dinner at one of the wonderful Positano restaurants overlooking the color buildings all lit up.

A Late Summer/Early Fall Elopement on the Amalfi Coast

Day 1: Wake up early to grab a ferry to the Island of Capri where you can see the Blue Grotto and swim in the water. Grab lunch and then take the secret chair lift to see amazing views of the island. Take a ferry back to the main coast and grab a tasty dinner - pizza with the sweetest tomato sauce!

Day 2: Have a sunrise photoshoot to capture the magic before your elopement. Grab a quick breakfast together then head to your elopement at the hotel in the ruins of a convent overlooking the ocean. Exchange your vows and then take beautiful pictures celebrating your love.

Day 3: Visit one of the beach clubs on Sorrento or Positano. Spend the day relaxing, snorkeling and playing in the sun!

Eloise & Patrick in Positano on 35mm film

What to Wear for Your Amalfi Coast Elopement

Day-to-Day - What you want to wear on a day-to-day basis really depends on the season that you visit. If you visit in the Spring you’re going to want some layers as (especially in the evenings) it can still get a bit chilly. If you’re visiting in the summer I’d recommend breezy outfits like summer dresses, skirts, and shorts with light jackets as it’ll be a lot warmer. You want to make sure your outfit is walkable with some cute (but comfortable!) tennis or sandals since you’ll likely be doing a lot of walking around the city!

Elopement Attire - For your elopement, the attire depends on the venue. There are definitely more traditional wedding venues where you could wear a more formal full wedding dress. But there are some other spots (especially at the beach) that might be more conducive to a light flowy summer dress wearing flip flops or going barefoot. It really just depends on your style and the type of aesthetic you want for your elopement!

How to Budget for your Amalfi Coast Elopement