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Isabel & Devon - Brooklyn Bridge NYC Elopement

New York City has a certain pull to it that can be felt from miles away - Isabel & Devon can attest to this, experiencing their own call to the Big Apple. We met on a sunny Tuesday afternoon in Brooklyn, near the famous carousel overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan skyline. It was hot in the city, but the breeze off the Hudson River kept us nice and cool, allowing for the perfect windswept shots of Isabel's veil. The sun was setting in the most perfectly picturesque way, with the light hitting the windows of the skyscrapers behind them.

The love shared between Isabel & Devon was tangible, illuminating the pathway like the sunshine on the water. Wearing a gorgeous dress from Designer Loft NYC, Isabel & Devon twirled, running along the walkway overlooking the magnificent Brooklyn Bridge, while sharing loving glances in between. Despite all of the people walking or jogging past them, it felt like they were the only two people in the entire city (oh, and me too, I suppose, making three of us). We also captured a few special moments on film, adding to that vintage elopement feel. It was so special to capture this intimate moment between two lovers!

Eloping in NYC? I would love to capture it!

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