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San Francisco Engagement Session at the Palace of Fine Arts

Who knew that Model UN could lead to love at first sight? This is precisely what happened to Lamiya and Himanshu, who are what some may call "the lucky ones," having met their "One" at such a young age. Fast forward to the present, when I had the opportunity to capture their love on camera.

I've never had such a giggly session! Lamiya apologized for her uncontrollable laughter, but I assured her that I'm definitely a pro-giggle photographer. In fact, I usually have to ask my clients for a giggle or two, but this session was definitely not short of them! It was my first time visiting the stunning venue, and I felt so fortunate to have the opportunity to capture such gorgeous architecture as well as the love that radiates between Lamiya and Himanshu. San Francisco holds a special place for them, and I'm excited to stay in touch with them to see how the rest of their love story unfolds!

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